The 99 Balloon Baby Elliot Mooney Lives on Through Sister Hazel

Matt and Ginny Mooney discuss their son Elliot and his 99 balloon release after battling Trisomy 18Matt and Ginny Mooney became heroic inspiration to people everywhere when the short documentary they made about the life of their son Elliot hit YouTube. Elliot was diagnosed in the womb with Trisomy 18 (also known as Edwards Syndrome), a genetic order which doctors assured the parents he would not make it to birth. But Elliot did survive his birth, and Matt and Ginny celebrated each day like it was his birthday. When Elliot died after 99 days, they released 99 balloons at his funeral, one for each day of his short but beautiful life. (see the video here and get the tissues ready)

Matt and Ginny appeared on the Today Show this morning with Elliot’s little sister, eight-month-old Hazel.

“I can’t pretend like there wasn’t despair. There was. We decided that there would be time to mourn. We’re going to have the rest of our lives to mourn. But while he’s here we’re going to celebrate.” They celebrated his birthday every day at the time he was born, getting really original with their ideas in the process. They opened up about how their blog took off and how people wrote in talking about how much their story meant to them and affected them.

The Mooneys approach every day living in the light of Elliot, looking forward to each day with beauty and grace and remembering their first son. Through their new organization 99 Balloons, they are raising money to help aid the parents of childrens with disabilities and birth defects. Visit their website

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