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Is your baby’s nursery amazing?! Did you use one of our inspiration mosaics–and maybe add some of your own creativity to it? Does everyone compliment you on your decoration style?

Well, moms and dads, we want to know! Submit your nursery to Baby Lifestyles for our Real Nurseries page. It’s a chance for you and your friends to show off your creativity and inspire others who are currently decorating and designing their own baby nurseries.

Our room submissions are not limited to only baby nurseries. We welcome rooms of all kind associated with baby, including play rooms, bathrooms, and other areas of the house where baby roams. Want to know we’re looking for? Creativity, originality, imagination, and that special ‘it’ factor.How to submit:* Tell us about the overall room theme of your baby’s room, and why it was chosen. (Are you having a boy and that’s why it’s blue? Did you always want a garden theme?)* Give us the scoop about your nursery room details. (DIY projects, furniture you picked out, gifts that were given at the shower, and details you love. If thought went into it, we want to know about it!)

* Send us pictures of your room, details and decorative touches, or anything else you would like us to share. Before and after shots are welcome!

* Was your nursery designed by a professional? Let us know who helped you create your dream baby room, we’re sure they’ll love to know their hard work was appreciated and we will credit them appropriately.

* Each attached file you send is limited to 2MB.

* Photos may be taken by you, a family member, or photographer. Please let us know who took the pictures so we may source the photographer. The photos you submit must be original and cannot be copied from another source.

* If selected, your nursery story will be featured on your own page on Baby Lifestyles! We encourage you to grab a ‘I was featured’ banner for your blog or website to link to your featured story┬áso you can show off your creativity to your friends, family, and you know, the rest of the internet. Not only do you get full bragging rights, but you just might make a difference for that one parent in the middle of their own design process that needed a special creative spark to ignite their own beautiful nursery design!


Please note that Baby Lifestyles reserves the right to not publish stories and photo shoots that have been published on other websites or blogs. If your story has been previously featured elsewhere, please let us know where so we may confirm re-publishing. We don’t like to step on our online friends’ toes. We’re cool like that.

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