Fly Away in This Aviator Birthday Party at an Airplane Museum

airplane aviation captain knox birthday party dessert table with map of the world for backdrop

Aviator birthday boy Captain Knox jetted off at his second birthday party at the Frontiers of Flight Museum. This little captain got to play in a control tower, a mini airplane to climb and sit in, a theater and more airplane figures to play with. The whole concept of the party came from Alexandria of Bella Roots, whose husband is a pilot. “My son loves planes as well. I am on committee for an organization for Hope’s Door and helped them plan our annual gala there at the museum. As soon as I saw it I knew this is where we were going to have his party. I just wanted a fun atmosphere and a fun table to look at! When I plan a party I usually think about it for an hour or two and then an image pops in my head. When I see the image I know that’s what it needs to look like!”

airplane aviation captain knox birthday party boarding pass ticket invitation

Being a event planner and graphic artist, Alexandria’s wheels were turning as soon as she thought of the concept. “I knew I had to do a boarding pass invitation, how could you not?” She went a long with what a normal boarding pass would have; Passenger name, Gate, Departing date, Class, Destination, etc. She even added a barcode on the side and a message at the bottom to let the guests know it was a full service flight. The airline was named, KWA, for Knox Wells Airline.”

airplane aviation captain knox birthday party invitation resembles plane boarding pass ticket

Alexandria decided the colors of Knox’s airline would be navy, red and yellow. “Especially yellow because months and months ago I found this awesome vintage yellow gold suitcase for $3.99 at Goodwill. I knew I had to use it at his party. The other two black suitcases were from my husbands great great grandmother. Those all gave the weathered and traveled look I wanted. I knew I needed height for the center of the table so I created “control tower” inspired sandwich stands.”

airplane aviation captain knox birthday party dessert table

“I love when kids can use their imagination or to be inspired by something, so that is why I bought the big laminated map at Hobby Lobby. I also gathered up the K,W,A letters, the two paper planes for decor, the scratch color airplanes for the kids to decorate their own airplane, parachute men and a compass stamp and ink.”

airplane aviation captain knox birthday party initials on the dessert table along with luggage suitcase

airplane aviation captain knox birthday party suitcases on the tableairplane aviation captain knox birthday party luggage suitcase dessert table centerpiece

Alexandria’s husband put his two cents in about adding Cuban sandwiches to the menu for the day. “He wanted those for the adults as well as PB & J and turkey and cheese for the kids. I wanted a variety of chips something you might see on an airplane. For Easter I had bought these little yellow patterned baking cups that I didn’t end up using them so I used them to put honey roasted peanuts. I made the cucumber bites from a Pinterest pin I saw and thought this would be a fun and healthy little bite to eat.”

airplane aviation captain knox birthday party in flight peanut snack containers

The cupcakes Alexandria made were a rich chocolate with a whip cream topping. The “Jet Fuel” were small 8 oz cans of different sodas and Capri Suns. She also made “Sky is the Limit” cotton candy.  ”I bought Blue cotton candy and smores square shaped marshmallows. I used my small flower fondant cutter to cut the smores squares to mimic a cloud. They looked so cute on the tables! I also made propeller pops with regular marshmallows dipped in blue chocolate with a cute red ribbon.”

airplane aviation captain knox birthday party suitcase on dessert table

airplane aviation captain knox birthday party jet fuel drink packsairplane aviation captain knox birthday party side view of dessert table

airplane aviation captain knox birthday party captain's cupcakes

airplane aviation captain knox birthday party cucumber bites

A great activity for the kids was coloring their own personal passports. She put different types of airplanes in the book to color and drew cloud letters that spelled airplane throughout the book. “I also had a U.S, Mexico, Europe, South America, Australia and Africa Map in the back as well as a Log Journal.  Half the sheet had “where have you been?” and then the bottom half had “Where do you want to go?” A fun way to let our kids imagination run wild. ”

airplane aviation captain knox birthday party activity area for the kids at the airplane museum

But being at the Frontiers Flight Museum provided the best activity for the kids. They got to see real airplanes, play in the control tower, see the inside of them, and marvel at how cool they are. Look how happy Captain Knox looks at seeing the planes his daddy flies!

airplane aviation captain knox birthday party propeller plane

airplane aviation captain knox birthday party playing inside the plane

airplane aviation captain knox birthday party birthday boy

airplane aviation captain knox birthday party aviator museum birthday party

When coming up for favors it wasn’t necessarily the favors themselves that were hard for Alexandria to come up with, instead it was what to put them in! She had seen some paper luggage suitcases, but she didn’t have enough time to order them. A light bulb went off when she saw a pile of small bakery boxes in the garage. All she had to do was flip the box inside out to give it the brownish/kraft color she wanted. “I snipped off the end, that usually tucks inside and cut that in half to make two handles. I used hot glue to hold everything together and there you have it, the cute luggage suitcases I wanted! I printed out the little tags and used patterned tape I had found, to make a somewhat of a design. It was so simple to do!”

airplane aviation captain knox birthday party favor boxes along with yellow aviator glasses

airplane aviation captain knox birthday party baggage claim

Favors guests received included Aviator Sunglass, Parachute Man, Whirly Helicopter, Airplane Sucker and a three pack of crayons as well as the “Sky is the Limit” Cotton Candy. “At the end of the party I went around to each kid and stamped their passport and told them they passed!”

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  1. Kim says:

    super cute job! Love all the little details you put into it and what a great location! The kids must have been overwhelmed!

    hugs! Kim @ Party Frosting!

  2. Chelsye says:

    Super cute! We’re having my daughter’s 5th bday party there next month. I can’t wait! Do you have any tips? How many guests did you end up having and was the hangar adequate space? Thank you! :)

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