Cameron’s Neutral Yellow and Orange Nursery

yellow and orange gender neutral boy nursery entry on view with expedit bookshelf under window

When it comes to design, Lisa of Wicked and Weird loves clean but eclectic design. She likes to create cozy, relaxed rooms where people feel comfortable to put their feet up but also can admire that thought went into their surroundings.  While the rest of her house is mostly neutral colors, she seized the opportunity to do her baby room in fun bright colors on a budget of $500.

yellow and orange gender neutral boy nursery view when you enter the nursery

Since she did not know her son Cam’s gender while decorating, she tried hard to keep the nursery gender neutral.  “I was inspired by the yellow wall color and the big windows in the room, making it so sunny and cheerful. I wanted to create a room that felt warm and happy, like an afternoon in the sun.” She incorporated orange as well because it was so gender neutral. “It also was very different from the green and blue room I had done for my older son.”

yellow and orange gender neutral boy nursery expedit bookshelf from ikea under window with baskets

Being a small room, you sort of take it all in at once upon entry.  The crib is right in front of the entrance to the room and the windows are the main focal point.  Lisa said that outside there is a lovely tree outside that fills the windows with color and movement through every season. “I love rooms that slowly unfold themselves to people – the kind where you just want to walk around and have a peek at everything.  The elephant painting that I did for the room (Cameron contributes a smudge in the corner).  And I asked my in-laws to blow up one of my favorite photos of my husband and his brother when they were very young.  My husband and his brother are very close, and we are hoping our two boys have as tight a friendship!”

yellow and orange gender neutral boy nursery mobile feature origami cranes

The mobile hanging above Cam’s crib is one of Lisa’s favorite details. It was originally intended to be a photo mobile, but instead of putting photos in, she clipped in Japanese paper cranes that a friend of hers had given at the baby shower.  “I love that it is meaningful as well as captivating for Cam.  I hung in on a long line of fishing wire so it would be at the right height above the crib.”

yellow and orange gender neutral boy nursery alphabet wall art

yellow and orange gender neutral boy nursery czech movie poster wall art

yellow and orange gender neutral boy nursery stuffed bunny rabbit

Lisa made a couple of prints with Cameron’s name using a free animal font she found online.  “I found a few Czech movie posters online that I printed out to reference my husband’s Czech background.  The art that took the longest was the alphabet print that I designed for the room, using those specific colors.  I am very happy with how it turned out!”

yellow and orange gender neutral boy nursery bookshelf and crib

Lisa found one of her biggest challenges was putting all the adorable baby things back on the shelf if they didn’t go with the simple vibe of the room and the colors she was working with.  “Because there is so much adorable baby stuff out there!”  The furniture configuration was also a bit of a challenge due to the position of the window, the radiator and the closet.  “Having the crib right in front of the entrance to the room is not my first choice, but there really were not many options.”

yellow and orange gender neutral boy nursery teddy bear

As Cameron is her second child, Lisa did think of how it would transition as Cameron grew much more than when did when decorating his big brother’s room.  “It is really easy to forget that the baby stage doesn’t last very long when you are full swing into nursery decorating!  The crib transitions to a toddler bed, and we can swap out the images in the frames or put new things up on the picture rails as he grows.  And the shelves are so versatile, you can really hide anything in those baskets, from receiving blankets to toy car collections!”

Thanks Lisa for sharing Cam’s beautiful room with us!

Paint color: Corn Silk by Benjamin Moore.

Mobile: umbra

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    Cute room! Where is the chair from? I would love one like it!

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