Baby Registry Woes? The Top Ten Baby Registry Tips

top ten tips for registering for babyIf it’s your first time pregnant, it can feel overwhelming, especially with everyone asking where you are registered. Registering can be just as tricky, especially when you don’t know what you’ll need. Here’s how to be smart about organizing your baby registry, finding gifts with style for a new life.

When you’re pregnant, it’s one of the only when everyone who loves you, everyone who hates you, everyone who works with you wants to (and in some cases has to) buy you a gift! Registering will ensure that your loved ones have the opportunity to give you something that you really want, that you need and will use.

2. Register early.
As soon as you announce your pregnancy, people you know will want to shower you with presents, so register early. It’s still best to wait until you are out of your first trimester, but as soon you start telling people of the happy news, you should register for gifts and necessities. You’ll want to take advantage of all those events prior to your baby’s birth like your baby showers, showers at work, or any other get-together parties. Check your registry from time to time. New or seasonal items might be added to the store which you want to include, and others will go on sale. Also remember to monitor out-of-stock items and make sure that you still have a good selection.

3. Limit the choices…
Don’t register at more than three establishments. Having more than one baby registry allows you to have options in styles and products that may not be available at only one location. Some stores have online registry options, allowing friends and family who do not live nearby the opportunity to shop your registry for things you want. But by signing up at too many places, the likelihood of an uncompleted registry increases. Having three registries is also easier to manage, and you will soon find your hands full!

top ten tips for registering for baby4. But don’t be stingy on the number of items you register for.
Make sure to register for enough items and at many different price points ($25, $50, $100, $350, etc). This makes it easier for your loved ones and group work friends to buy you the gifts you want. Remember that some people have different price points that they are willing to spend. Include a few ‘big ticket’ items like a crib or stroller, as several friends can group up to get a more expensive gift. Even people like work colleagues who aren’t as close to you and wouldn’t necessarily be invited to a shower might get you something, so make sure to include things big and small in expense. Remember it’s always better to over-register than under-register.

5. Don’t limit items to infancy.
Your baby will grow—and fast!—so don’t be afraid to register for items that your little one may not need until they are no longer so little. This includes larger-sized clothing as well as high chairs or meal sets. Keep the changing seasons in mind when registering for future needed clothing. In nine months it might be winter, so baby will need a larger sweater as opposed to cotton T.

6. Search for services.
Register at stores that offer great registry rewards and an on-line registry service. This should be a great experience for both you and your guest. There are some great services available so take advantage of them. Many stores will allow you to complete your registry at a discount for up to a year after your baby is born.

7. Remember, this is about you, not anyone or everyone else.
Especially if it’s your first baby, everyone will have advice for you and what you will and won’t need or want. Listen to their advice (some of it is quite wise), but make sure to register for things that you want and feel you will use and not what others are telling you to register for. Remember; others have gone through this experience and feel they have much to offer, but don’t forget this involves your registry decisions and your baby, not theirs.

8. Get the dad-to-be involved.
Don’t forget, it’s his baby too! He can register for the things that he wants for baby as well. Giving the father of your child a say in what items you register for. If you know it’s a boy, he can add sports items, or something he might think will be an heirloom for his daughter. He might even surprise you with a gift at your shower if he knows there’s something you are really hoping for.

9. Don’t make it a crowd scene.
You don’t need to bring every person you know who has had a baby before you when it comes to actually registering. Take only a few people, your mother, your best sister, a best friend, or the father. Having too many opinions on different items will only confuse you on what you want to register for. Remember how difficult it was to register for wedding china? Multiply!

10. Spread the word!
There are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to advertising your registry. If people ask, tell them. If they start a conversation about your pregnancy, which they’re bound to, bring up the fact that you just finished registering and say the name of the website or store. It is perfectly acceptable to include your registry information on your shower invitation. However if you choose not to, make sure the host alerts guests to it when they RSVP. Then just try your best to stay on top of thank you notes as gifts arrive.

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