Baby Nursery Photography Tips


You\’ve spent months readying the room for your baby to call their own. But do your pictures reflect all the hard work you\’ve put into creating their nursery? Photographer  Claire B, whose beautiful nursery room for her daughter we featured recently, shares some of her favorite photography tips for getting the most our of your baby nursery pictures.


1.  Let in the light!!\”Let\’s face it, on camera flash doesn\’t do much to flatter your favorite scene.  And since most of us don\’t have fancy studio lighting at home it\’s important to work with what you do have…WINDOWS!  Natural light is my favorite type of light to work with when it comes to portraits or otherwise.  Keep an eye on your nursery to see what time of day provides the best light for your space.  You\’re looking for soft, bright light, that doesn\’t create any harsh shadows.  So, open your curtains and blinds for the most flattering images of your room!\”



2.  Capture the big picture, but focus on the details.  

\”We all want to see your room in it\’s entirety, but it\’s the details that really make a space.  Take a few photos of larger areas of your room and then get a bit closer to showcase favorite aspects of that area.  Maybe there\’s a DIY project that you worked so hard on, or a family heirloom that you included as a personal touch.  All of those things help to tell the story of your space and are just as (or even more) important than the full room shots.\”


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