An Elegant Parisian Pink Palace Nursery for Emma

elegant pink Parisian palace nursery Emma on her monogram rug with her crib decorated with paper chain

As soon as the nurse said, “it’s a girl!” Samantha Foster and Jonathan Ivy thought their heads were going to pop with excitement, thoughts and planning! They found out they were having a girl on a Thursday and flew to Europe on Friday to start their decorating adventure!It was also while in Paris where they decided they would name their little girl Emma. “Right then and there, things went crazy. Although I must admit I feel like I did a good job budget wise, I think I did an ever better job creating a pink Parisian paradise.  Like seriously, this room radiates pink!  It is so happy in Emma’s room!” French rustic chic is how Samantha describes her home and she wanted Emma’s room to be an extension of that, something that blended but still remained true to her femininity.  They also did not want a baby themed room, we wanted something that would suit a little girl yet remained classy.

elegant pink Parisian palace nursery interior design nursery

The inspiration for design came from Samantha’s love of all things girly and her husband’s European heritage.  “Pink has been and always will be my favorite color so when I heard we were having a girl, I knew this could be a main color in our pallet.  My husband is a lover of art and his family extends back into Europe which has made us a fan of the culture and design there.  Europe is so sophisticated!  Even their cartoon characters are void of the bright primary colors we see in the USA and have a beauty about them.  So with this being the case, it was a no brainer that our trip to France would indeed set the tone for this room.  And after just a couple days of being in Provence we found the four pieces of art in an outdoor market while shopping in the rain and knew we have our foundation for the room!

elegant pink Parisian palace nursery the corner of the room

“Europe as a whole is so inspiring!  Their outlook on life is so different from ours.  Most of the French carry a natural air of classiness about them therefore the items they create convey that same classy structure.  As seen in this room, items that are delicate in nature can beautifully describe something new and little.  We did not however want a literally translation of France…no Eiffel towers although we did place the scooter on the wall which I just adore.” Parisian touches are everywhere in this sweet palace. The hanging balloon and ballet shoes were both brought back from their trip to France.

elegant pink Parisian palace nursery custom crib bedding in delicate colors with matching stuffed animal

They custom designed the pink bedding at be-dazzled. “Be-dazzled played a big part in helping me get this room designed.  I had my theme and knew where I wanted to go, I needed help finalizing and implementing and they did just this.  They helped me set the four colors to be used and worked with me to custom design the bedding, the rug, the chair, wall colors and more!” She brought in the art and the stuffed animal, explained the direction Emma’s room was going, what she loved about it and from there they drew up an actual sketch of the bedding. It gave her a clear vision on the bedding from where the ties would be to what the ruffled edge would look like. They then gave her a swatch set from all the fabrics they used to create the bedding so as she went forward in shopping, she had all my colors and textures handy.

elegant pink Parisian palace nursery custom order crib bedding

The stuffed animal is named Jams and was one of the purchases for Emma while they were in France. “Jonathan though he was so cool and knew Emma just had to have him.  She loves him!” Also from France are the animals hanging on the back of the bed.  “They have the best colors over there.  No bright or florescent colors, just elegant neutrals.  They also have unique and cute characters that aren’t Winnie the Pooh.” After bringing these items back they designed the entire room around them.

elegant pink Parisian palace nursery tissue pom cluster from baby shower hangs over glider

elegant pink Parisian palace nursery entry view

elegant pink Parisian palace nursery tissue pom cluster

The tissues poms were specifically made for one of Samantha’s baby showers.  After the baby shower, she asked if she could keep them for Emma’s room and they said yes. They brought the puffs, lanterns and big flowers over and were hung over the glider.  “I LOVE them!  Not only were they hand made with love, they add a little spice to the room.  When Emma has a bottle she loves to look up at them!”

elegant pink Parisian palace nursery framed art collage of boy and girl love story came from France

elegant pink Parisian palace nursery items from France include hot air balloon and ballet slippers

The collage of four drawings is by a French artist they found in a small outdoor market in Europe about a love story between a boy and a girl.  They brought them back and framed them through their framing company, a wonderful perk of being a photography team. On Emma’s changer is a pair of French ballet shoes her grandmother Mimi (Jonathan’s mom) bought her in remembrance of when she was a ballerina year ago. The tea set in the blue case was Samantha’s when she was a child. There are knobs that Samantha thought would make the dresser so delicate looking.  “I purchased those about four years ago holding them for someday when I had a daughter!”

elegant pink Parisian palace nursery pink scooter on the wall

elegant pink Parisian palace nursery hot pink chair and bookshelf

elegant pink Parisian palace nursery monogram letter on bookshelf with piggy bank

The book and toy shelf, which was a hand me down garden rack, has a stack of books on them made up from all over the world.  “She has books in French and Spanish, several books about a characters & children named Emma and books we used at our showers as “guest sign in books”.  Out with the white lined books to be signed and in with nursery rhymes and stories with space your dear family and friends to write notes to Emma on.

elegant pink Parisian palace nursery painted name sign and paper link chain

The paper
chain was another item from a baby shower made by Jonathan’s parents.  It was hanging above the dessert bar and Samantha had vision for this and the Emma sign for her girl’s nursery.  “I have always like the idea of having a drapery above her crib but didn’t like the weightiness of it, well this was the perfect alternative!  The paper just came from a craft store and was cut into strips and stapled together.  They were made about a foot too long so we just let them drape onto the floor.”

elegant pink Parisian palace nursery stuffed animal

Each month Samantha and Jonathan take a picture of Emma in her chair with Jams beside her so that they can keep track of how she grows into a big little princess in her nursery palace.

elegant pink Parisian palace nursery Emma on monogram rug

Thank you so much Samantha for sharing Emma’s beautiful Parisian palace with us!

Walls:Sherwin Williams- Quaint Peach & Nomadic Desert

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    Hi there, I am currently decorating my daughters room and I came across to your website for ideas and I fell in love with Emma’s room! I would really like to know where you got her rug personalized?!? I wish to have a big play area for her and that pink and whit rug is perfect, especially with her initial on it. It’s Gorgeous!

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